Campus Tours Update

Campus Tours Update

In the wake of COVID-19 we could not conduct Campus tours as usual but now we are open and happy to receive you on an appointment basis. Campus tours are essential before starting at Ashona Medical Institute. They give you a feel of the atmosphere of the place of your studies.

On a Campus tour, we take you through the general campus. You can expect to view the classrooms the school grounds and the laboratories.

We also allow for guests to see and parking area and shared kitchen area where the tour guide explains the ins and outs of enrolment such as costs, Grant programs and what you can and cannot bring or do.

Throughout your tour, no question is too trivial and is not excluded to just questions about campus or online studies; you can ask anything about the Ashona experience, parents and guardians can too as well.

I have been asked to show some people rooms and laboratories specific to the course they plan on applying to. This is helpful, so you know what end of campus you will be at most frequently and its distance from various bus stops if you plan to commute.

Lastly, campus tours are most definitely open to High school students that are about to graduate and students that have any uncertainties about careers in Healthcare in general.  Book an appointment to come and explore our Conyers Campus or browse our events calendar to see dates set for campus tours, see you soon!